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AFS Wind 85

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The windsurf foil full composite (glass-carbon, no aluminum) the most accessible of the market. Take advantage of AFS know-how and quality with this entry-level foil, accessible to all.

NEW! Structured carbon hollow technology, full carbon prepreg construction.
Made in France.

Windfoil removable in 4 parts (T-bar Shaft Fuselage / Front wing / Stab)

Comes with a set of wings F-700a + Stabilizer V1

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The Wind 85 has one goal: to make windsurfing foil accessible to the greatest number. We have taken over the elements that made the AFS-2 successful, improving them with the major changes made to our new Wind 95 and 105 models.

The profiles of the mast and the front wings are the same as on the Wind 95, The shaft measures 85cm, ideal height to begin without undergoing the touches with the chop. The wings are accessible and fast. This foil is evolutionary and can be upgraded with all the wings of the AFS range.

We also worked on a new construction to propose an accessible price, still in full composite, without aluminum inside. Your foil will be strong, durable, and will flight for a long time.

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